Manitoba Youth Angling Card

Since 2009, Fish Futures Inc. has facilitated a fish-themed artwork contest for children and the winning entry is featured on the cover of the Manitoba Youth Angling Card.  Each year highlights a different fish species and entries must include a short paragraph about the fish and its habitat.  Over 40,000 Youth Angling Cards are distributed for free to children in Manitoba each year.  

YAC School Visit 2016

The 2016 school visit season opened on October 28th with a visit to Dr. D.W. Penner School in Winnipeg. I was a guest of Ms. Floyde and her Kindergarten class. We had an enthusiastic group of 25 students who shared their stories of fish and fishing. We learned about the different parts of a fish (mouth, eyes, fins, tail, gill plate), where fish like to live, and what fish like to eat. We also learned about fishing and discussed gear and techniques for catching fish.

We then put creative minds to work at illustrating a freshwater drum. Some kids chose to add snail, clams and mussels to their drawings to show what drum like to eat. There were many colourful and unique drawings with a level of detail that let's you know they are good listeners. We all posed for a picture at the end and yelled "fish" when it was time to smile. Good times!