Manitoba Youth Angling Card

Since 2009, Fish Futures Inc. has facilitated a fish-themed artwork contest for children and the winning entry is featured on the cover of the Manitoba Youth Angling Card.  Each year highlights a different fish species and entries must include a short paragraph about the fish and its habitat.  Over 40,000 Youth Angling Cards are distributed for free to children in Manitoba each year.  

Artwork Tips for the Lake Sturgeon

On October 7th, Mr. Chomichuk hosted a presentation to his Grade 9 art class at St. James Collegiate. It was a large and lively group with a competitive spirit. Often we get side-tracked with fishing stories or conservation issues, but this group was all business. They wanted to know “what makes a successful entry?”

• Know your subject – reference photos are attached to the application form, but search for additional images to get a perspective of the fish from all angles. A common mistake is getting the fins wrong in size, number, or position.

• Get the proportions right – each fish carries it’s weight a bit different from head to tail. A common mistake is drawing the head, eyes, and belly too large.

• Fish habitat – fish are camouflaged in their habitat and often share the same green and brown tones as the weeds, rocks, bottom. A common mistake is overdrawing the fish habitat and hiding the fish in the scene.

• Title your artwork – and remember that a creative title helps get the judges attention and may be that little extra that pushes your entry through to the next round.

• Remember that your artwork will be reduced to the size of a business card. There should also be some open space where the YAC logo and year of issue can be placed.

Thank you to Mr. Chomichuk for promising more class time to work on their contest applications. We hope to meet again in a few weeks to take a group picture with their entries.