Manitoba Youth Angling Card

Since 2009, Fish Futures Inc. has facilitated a fish-themed artwork contest for children and the winning entry is featured on the cover of the Manitoba Youth Angling Card.  Each year highlights a different fish species and entries must include a short paragraph about the fish and its habitat.  Over 40,000 Youth Angling Cards are distributed for free to children in Manitoba each year.  

2017 Contest Winners - Early Years Division

1st Place - Luis Heide of Winnipeg, MB - "The Assiniboine Drummer"

2nd Place - Roman David Maendel of Crystal Spring, MB - "Silver Flash"

YAC 2017 - 2nd Place Early.jpg

3rd Place - Bianca Levasseur of Waterhen, MB - "Bottom Dweller"

Lucky Draw Winner - Jayden Johnson-Nassie of Winnipeg, MB - "The Drum"

YAC School Visit 2016

The 2016 school visit season opened on October 28th with a visit to Dr. D.W. Penner School in Winnipeg. I was a guest of Ms. Floyde and her Kindergarten class. We had an enthusiastic group of 25 students who shared their stories of fish and fishing. We learned about the different parts of a fish (mouth, eyes, fins, tail, gill plate), where fish like to live, and what fish like to eat. We also learned about fishing and discussed gear and techniques for catching fish.

We then put creative minds to work at illustrating a freshwater drum. Some kids chose to add snail, clams and mussels to their drawings to show what drum like to eat. There were many colourful and unique drawings with a level of detail that let's you know they are good listeners. We all posed for a picture at the end and yelled "fish" when it was time to smile. Good times!

$$$ and Prizes

Thank you to the Fish Futures Banquet Committee for their generous prize donations. There is a rumour that an iPod Touch is in the works for this year's contest . . .

1st Place Winner - Early Years Division - Kayla Amara Maendel

1st Place Winner - Early Years Division - Kayla Amara Maendel

2nd Place Winner - Early Years Division - Judah Kleinsasser

2nd Place Winner - Early Years Division - Judah Kleinsasser

3rd Place Winner - Early Years Division - Luis Heide

3rd Place Winner - Early Years Division - Luis Heide

3rd Place - Middle Years Division - Sara Bernardin

3rd Place - Middle Years Division - Sara Bernardin

Most entries in the 2016 contest have been returned by mail.  Other entries are available for pick-up at 200 Saulteaux Crescent until February 29th.  Spring is coming and fishing season is right around the corner . . . 

2016 Contest Winners - Middle Years Division

1st Place - Erin Waterer of Balmoral, MB

2nd Place - Tori Rarog of East St. Paul, MB

3rd Place - Sara Bernardin of Winnipeg, MB

Lucky Draw - Masen Corbett of Birch River, MB

With close to 300 entries, this year's contest had a record number of participants.  Thank you to teachers, parents and students for joining the fun in learning about fish and fishing.  Special thanks to this year's judges: Jerry Kruzcek and John Armitage (Fish Futures Banquet Co-Chairs), Rob Olson (Manitoba Wildlife Federation), Paul Turenne (Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association), and Dr. Cameron Barth (North/South Consultants).  Thank you to Katherine Ward of Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship and the Hunters and Anglers Preservation Fund for their support.  Next year's feature fish will be announced in the coming weeks . . . 

2015 Contest Closed - Winners Announced February 1st

Lake sturgeon artwork and application forms were due December 31st, and judging night is fast approaching. Thank you to all the students, teachers, and schools who participated. The winners will be announced on this blog no later than February 1st, 2016. We might have a record number of entries this year. And special thanks to the students and staff at Jack River School in Norway House, who advised me that "namew" is the Cree word for sturgeon. Best of luck to all participants!

In 2015, the YAC program was able to visit ten schools throughout Manitoba and present on fish, fishing and stewardship. We appreciate the support of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association and the Hunter and Angler Preservation Fund for allowing us to expand the program and bring our message to hundreds more students.